Sorry, our parking lot is at full-capacity. We suggest calling Courthouse Plaza on Main St. 

MONTHLY PARKING is available at The Hood Plant in our open-air, 24-hour accessible lot. The entrance is found on King Street, between Winooski Avenue and Church Street. Downtown residents and day-time commuters have all enjoyed the advantages of our centrally located parking lot.

RATES: Please contact us regarding rates and availability. 

TERMS: Most of our parkers are month to month; however, Metropark requires 30 days written notice to cancel the spot and until passes are physically returned, accounts are considered active. Corporations, individuals, residents, neighbors and groups, for the short-term or the long haul, are welcome. ‘Lost’ passes will be added to the ‘PLEASE TOW’ list with the contracted towing company.

PAYMENT: Metropark, LLC will debit the monthly fee automatically at the beginning of each month. Please go to our forms library to download the application to set-up this “ACH” transaction. There is a fee for lost hang tags.

WINTER PARKING: During the Winter months, cars that stay in the lot overnight need to moved during storms to allow our plowing company to properly clear the snow.  NO PARKING by the hilly, wooded area in the winter. This is where our snow plower piles the snow from the parking lot “Mount Hood”.

SEVERE STORMS: Do not park next to the north-western light post, the lowest level of the lot, during severe storms. 

TOWING: The Hood Parking Lot is by permit only, and is monitored by Spillane’s Towing & Recovery.

Do NOT park in the lot without the proper credentials. You will be towed. Your automobile details, such as make, model, year and color, are not tracked by the towing company. The plus side is that you may park ANY of your cars in the lot, as long as the pass is prominently displayed in the front window.

If your car has been towed,  please contact Spillane’s at 802-863-7900.

INSURANCE: Metropark, LLC is not responsible for damage to your car in lot, nor the loss of your property to theft. Please cover your possessions and lock your car. Metropark will not be responsible for vandalism, pranks, terrorism, acts of God, wind, fire, rain, flooding or other freak incidences.

HANG TAGS: Your designated hang tag may be used in any car; however, it must be in front windshield. During the Winter months, this is most likely the cleanest window in your car and we want to make it as easy as possible for the towing company to find your tag. If the hang tag won’t fit on your rear view mirror, as designed, then please feel free to ‘jerry-rig’ a system, as long as it is visible to the towing company. Lost tags may be replaced for $15, and your missing tag # will be added to the “Please Tow” list.