The Hood Plant proper spans 3 addresses– 187, 191 and 193 South Winooski Avenue

OLD HOOD PLANT, 187 South Winooski Avenue (Original brick building, corner King & Winooski)

THE HOOD RESIDENCES CONDOMINIUM, 191 South Winooski Avenue (The Copper Building, 2005)

The FREEZER BUILDING and The BARN, 193 South Winooski Avenue (The Gray Building, 2015)


HOW TO ACCESS  187, 191 & 193

FRONT OF BUILDING (EAST), Enter from South Winooski Avenue

OLD HOOD PLANT, 187 South Winooski Avenue

Suite 2:  Burlington Shambhala CenterSecond Floor, ‘Old Hood’  Burlington Shambhala Center Website

Suite 1: Place Creative Company ~~ First Floor, ‘Old Hood’

Enter from the back parking lot accessible from King Street

OLD HOOD PLANT, 187 South Winooski Avenue

HOOD RESIDENCES, 191 South Winooski Avenue

191 So. Winooski Avenue Unit # 9: Matthew Benedetto: Eastern Collective, Unnecessary Inventions, Sondre Travel

THE FREEZER, 193 South Winooski Avenue

FREEZER UNIT 100: Blue House Group



THE FOLLOWING DO NOT HAVE PUBLIC OFFICES AVAILABLE FOR DROP-INS. Metropark, LLC, The Hood Plant and The Hood parking lot The Hood Residences



CUSTOMER PARKING: There is limited client parking in our lot. Please consult with your host to be clear that you are not in a tow-away zone. You will not be reimbursed for towing fees. Metropark does not share this fee with Spillane’s, and therefore, cannot reimburse you. Thank you.